GoPro Challenger Mokacam Is The World’s Smallest 4K Video Camera

The GoPro Hero4 may get all the hype as the best 4K video camera out right now, but there’s a competitor on the way, and it’s not Sony. Mokacam will arrive Feb. 2016 and the features look promising. The Indiegogocrowdfunding campaign boasts Mokacam is the world’s smallest 4K video camera.

Weighing just 96 grams, the camera is no heavier than a third of a pound. It’s a perfect square cube, 1.77 inches wide and 1.77 inches tall. Mokacam comes out of Hong Kong and its minimalistic, and extremely tiny, design makes it a versatile lifestyle camera.

At $200, it’s super affordable compared to other 4K cameras of the same caliber. Anything 4K still tends to be relatively expensive. However for a camera 4x the quality of standard HD for half the price of a GoPro, Mokacam has very few competitors.

Mokacam looks like it wouldn’t be able to keep up with the GoPro, but that’s because its features are simple and hidden. An additional 270 degree rotating screen snaps on to the side of the square-box camera. In certain action-packed situations, the second screen won’t be necessary but it’s always nice to keep handy for playback and of course, selfies.

Aside from its portable size, Mokacam has a few even more convenient features. The first is called Motion Activated. No need to be a film expert, this mode will automatically detect movement and capture the best action shots. If you leave the video camera in one place and set to Motion Detector mode, it will last for 8 hours without a power supply.

There’s nothing worse than whipping out your camera ready to record only to find out the battery is almost dead. The Mokacam’s power comes from a battery within the screen. But an extra magnetic battery pack snaps right on to the device for 3 hours of added battery power.

The third feature is my personal favorite, Magnetic Mount. The back of the Mokacam has a strong magnet that attaches to metal surfaces. Use the Mokacam hands-free and make the most of creative shots without having to worry about the safety of your video camera.


7-layers all Glass Lens
16 Mega Pixel Sensor
H.264 Encoding
802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi
Bluetooth enabled
Micro SD port
USB port

The complimentary iOS and Android Mokacam app allows you to share videos and photos with your friends instantly. A custom Mokacam waterproof case is available to purchase with the camera.   

It’s obvious this device was built to compete because the Mokacam is compatible with all GoPro selfie sticks and mounts. Use your new tiny cube camera with the GoPro head or wrist strap, chest harness, flex clamp, and helmet mounts.

So, how does all this fit in a 45mm X 45mm cube? No idea. Mokacam is so damn small, there’s no reason you would need to ever leave it at home. The only risk, you won’t be able to find it at the bottom of your bag.

Check out some Mokacam footage: